Silicon – auto image mounter for KDE 4

Perhaps you know how mount ISO image by commend line. However, If you are lazy – like me – to use Konsole, Silicon is a good choice for this task. I tried Furius ISO before, but I don’t like it because it lacks KDE4’s integration.

Silicon is an auto image manager and mounter (Iso, Squashfs and … files) that work under GNU/Linux. It is released under GPL License.

Silicon has many features like:
– Automatic Mount : Silicon can autofind a mountpoint for your images and mount there.
– Manual Mount : If you don’t like AutoMount, you can use manual mount or single mount in environment to mount your files manually .
– Easy Mount : just you should click on your iso files to mount and re-click to unmount.
– Manager GUI : You can manage your mounted images from Silicon Manager GUI.