Add more beauty to Ubuntu 9.10

Although Ubuntu 9.10 comes with pretty themes and a new set of icons, you might want to add your personal touch to your desktop. I will try to give you some ideas to add more beauty to Ubuntu 9.10.


Screenlets are small widgets that represent things lying/standing around on your desk like ticknotes, clocks, rulers, slideshow, and more. They are similar to widgets in KDE4 and they give more beauty to your desktop.

To install screenlets, go to Ubuntu Software Center and install it .

To launch screenlets you will find it under Applications ▶ Accessories ▶ Screenlets

Sceenlets manager will appear offering different options and sceenlets:

To add a screenlet, just double click it; then move it to the place you like. Don’t forget to tick the “Auto start on login” option. After messing around for an hour, I got this Desktop:

Add a Dock to your Desktop

There are many Docks for Gnome Desktop such as Avant Window Navigator, Cairo-Dock, and Docky. I prefer Cario-Dock because it doesn’t require 3D support. Use Ubuntu Software Center to install them.

Changing Themes

Ubuntu 9.10 comes with a set of new beautiful themes. You can choose among them from System▶ Preferences ▶ Appearance.

If you want more, you may want to visit

So far so good; if you feel I have missed some important tips regarding this topic please share them with us!