TinyOgg: convert Youtube videos to Ogg

Sometimes many of us have problems with the Flash player. It just doesn’t work. TinyOgg is the solution for this problem specially if you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera.

TinyOgg is a service designed to get rid of Flash-based videos by converting them to the free Ogg format. It is not the only service to accomplish this, but it exists to replace some existing services that are built upon non-free, non-published source code.
Technical Details :
TinyOgg service is built entirely on top of several  Free Software projects including:

  • Python, the programming language in which TinyOgg was written.
  • Django, an excellent framework that makes developing web applications (such as this one) so much easier.
  • FFmpeg and ffmpeg2theora, the former is a powerful program that converts videos to Theora and Vorbis; the later is an excellent, easy-to-use interface to the former.
  • URip and WatchVideo, two programs used to download and convert YouTube videos locally, they inspired the idea for creating this service in the first place.
  • Free CSS Templates, a website that provides free (as in cost and as in speech) templates. I use their „Fruits“ template.

By this time, TinyOgg supports YouTube. It will support many video-sharing websites in the near future. It is designed in a way that supports adding new websites easily.
TinyOgg is released under Affero GNU General Public License and you can get it from this page.